2022 Special Collections

For those that don’t have Envelopes here are the Special Collections for 2022. Note that several Collections have been incorporated into one.

JANUARY 2         Capital Improvements

JANUARY 16       Church in the Developing World

-Church in Latin America

-Church in Central and Eastern Europe

-Church in Africa

FEBRUARY 6     Capital Improvements

FEBRUARY 13    Church Missions within the United States

-Black and Indian Missions (Native American)

-Catholic Home Missions Appeal

MARCH 6            Capital Improvements

MARCH 20          Diocesan Priests’ Retirement Fund

APRIL 3               Capital Improvements

APRIL 15             Pontifical Good Friday Collection for Holy Land

MAY 1                  Capital Improvements

MAY 22                Catholic Relief Services

MAY 29                Catholic Cemeteries

JUNE 5                Capital Improvements

JUNE 12              Peter’s Pence Collection

JULY 3                 Capital Improvements

JULY 17               Catholic Communications Campaign

                            -Catholic Campaign for Human Development

AUGUST 7           Capital Improvements

AUGUST 15         Assumption

AUGUST 21         Education of Diocesan Seminarians

SEPTEMBER 4   Capital Improvements

SEPTEMBER 25 The Catholic University of America

OCTOBER 2       Capital Improvements

OCTOBER 23     World Mission Collection

NOVEMBER 1    All Saints Day

NOVEMBER 6   Capital Improvements

NOVEMBER 13  Collection for the Archdiocese for the Military Services

DECEMBER 4    Capital Improvements

DECEMBER 8    Immaculate Conception

DECEMBER 11  Retirement Fund for Religious

DECEMBER 25  Catholic Charities West Virginia

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