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Pentecost Sunday



Ascension Weekend


Jesus' Ascension Acts 1:9

6th Sunday of Easter

Guidelines for Participating at Mass

Please keep these two things in mind when coming to Mass.  Social distancing (6 feet apart) and wear your mask.  If you are elderly or suffer from any illness please do NOT plan to attend.  The dispensation is still in effect from attending Mass.  Ushers will seat you and attempt to get as many people into Church as we can with the guidelines.  We will also have some seating in the Parish Hall.
Guidelines for participating at Mass:
Notable directives:
1. Public Sunday masses are scheduled to begin at St. Michael Parish on Pentecost Weekend, May 30-31.
2. The dispensation from the obligation to attend mass remains in effect until further notice. Sick persons and those more susceptible to infection – the elderly, those already in frail health – are urged to remain at home and participate in televised or online masses. Anyone who fears being infected by attending mass should stay home.
3. Social distancing will be required at mass. Those who live in the same household may sit together; otherwise, there must be six feet of separation between persons. Every effort will be made to accommodate the faithful who come but once the reduced seating capacity of a church is reached, no others may enter the church.
4. The faithful are to wear masks during mass, except in the moment of receiving Holy Communion. If at all possible, they should bring their own masks, which may be made at home.
5. Some common though optional practices of a Catholic mass will be omitted: the use of hymnals, holding hands at the Our Father, the Sign of Peace, the offering of the Precious Blood of Christ to the faithful.
6. In churches with multiple masses, the church (and hall or gym, if used) will have to be sanitized between masses, as well as before the first mass and after the last.
Thank you for your attention to these matters and for your patience as we move from stay at home to gather for celebration.
Fr. John

May 15th Newsletter from the Diocese

Faith in WV May 15th

Bulletin for 6th Sunday of Easter

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

05/17  Louis DeAngelo, Landon Gainer

05/18  Jeffery Yeager, Dawson Cyran, Vitor Poole

05/19  Dan Van Dyke

05/20  Elizabeth Moore, Alex Sabo, Don Stauffer

05/21  Carol Ruffing, Rickie Yeager

05/22  Elizabeth McCormick, Michael Mutz, Wendy Yeager,

Tracie & Pat Minnite (A)

05/23  Valarie Nicely, Jackson Porter, Bryce Moore,

Micah Evans, Ezekiel Gainer

05/24 Ninette & Christopher Fernandes (A)

05/25  Mark Sturm

05/26  Diane Wiltsey, Marlana Stocking, Mara & Robert Kent (A),

Lori & Jeff Williamson (A), Tamera & Joseph Straw (A)

Masses for the Week:

Sat.    8:00 pm       William “Bill” Bostaph +   

Sun.  9:00  am       Our Parishioners     

Sun. 11:30 am     Sam & Frances Coffindaffer +

Mon.    8:15 am     Paula Schuchts +

Tues.   7:00 pm     Patty Ruth Bayley +

Wed.    8:15 am     Charles Ludey +

Thur.   7:00 pm     Thomas W. Bayley, Jr +

Fri.       8:15 am     Charles Hughes +


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5th Sunday of Easter Mass and Homily

DWC Newsletter

The May 8th Newsletter from the Diocese:

Faith In WV Bulletin May 8th

Bishop Mark Brennan

Re-opening St. Michael Church

Bishop Brennan has released information concerning the re-opening of Churches for Mass. I have formed a Committee that is meeting tomorrow to discuss the re-opening of St. Michael. We want to deep clean the Church, remove the Hymnals, etc.  I have determined that Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, June 1st (Pentecost) will be our opening masses. More details to follow after our meeting.

Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Releases Guidelines to Resume Public Celebration of Mass

Bishop Mark Brennan

Update on Opening Churches

Diocese Making Plans to Resume Public Masses

Bishop Mark Brennan