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4th Sunday of Advent

 St. Michael Church – Fourth Sunday of Advent

55th Street & Grand Central Avenue, Vienna, WV – 304-295-6109

Mass Intentions:

Sat.    5:00 pm     Jim Gorrell, Sr. +

Sun.   9:00 am     Our Parishioners

Sun. 11:30 am     Rev. James R. LaCrosse

Mon.    8:15 am   Lou Bogdan +

                                (Mary & Bill Gavin)

Tues.   7:00 pm   Agnes O’Brien Bayley +

                                (The Bayley Family)

Wed.    8:15 am   Suzanne L. Bayley +

                                (Debbie & Tom Bayley)

Thur.   5:00 pm    Gene Stump /Mary Gallagher +

                                (Cathy Stump)

Thurs. 8:00 pm    Thomas W. Bayley, Jr. +

                                (Debbie & Tom Bayley)

Fri.      10:00 am  Commemorative Mass

                                 Association Members

Fri.     12:00 pm For Our Seminarians

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

12/20     Myra Tornes, Kiari Canfield

12/21     Evan Pritchett, Addison Craven

12/22     Brooke Poling, Pat & Harry Helmick (A)

12/24     Anna McCarthy, Savannah Williams

12/25     Manohar Karnam

12/26     Braxton Williamson

12/27     Joan Lavery, Scott Anderson,

                Robert Williamson

12/28     Elizabeth Rea, Heidi Asbury, Stacy Tichy,

                Bradon Nguyen, 

                Shirlee & Francis Nelson (A)

                Margaret & Chester Meeker (A)

                Heidi & James Asbury (A)

                Amanda & Aaron Moore (A)

12/29     Gary Klesel, Ann Cardenas,

                Ronald Baldevieso

Offerings – $2350.00

Loose Cash – $178.00

Retirement Fund Religious -$904.00


Catholic Charities of WV: The annual Christmas appeal will be the second collection on Dec. 24/25 masses.

Accepting Enrollment for 2021

For Commemorative Mass Association. Enrollment Forms will be on the table in the Gathering Area. The Annual Association dues are $50.00 for each member enrolled. If you wish to enroll more than 3 persons please use an additional form or attach another sheet.


We will not be sending out any invoices for advertisement due to Pandemic. We will use your advertisement this year (2021). If you have any questions you may call the office at (304)-295-6109 or speak with Fr. John.


If you would like to Lector, Usher, or serve as a Eucharistic Minister, please call the Office.  Our January schedules are being developed and your help is needed.

Christmas Masses

Currently we can seat about 100 people in the Church.  Having four masses should accommodate everyone:

Christmas Eve – 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Christmas Day – 10:00 a.m. and Noon

Parish School of Religion: PSR has not resumed classes at the Church. Your family should have received an Advent calendar in the mail.  If your family did not receive one or want more information, contact Arlene Borkowski. (,  or 304 482 1186)

Knights of Columbus is collecting NEW winter coats in all sizes, there is a barrel in the gathering area to place coats.

Sign-up for Flocknote by texting Michael16 to 84576