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Holy Family Mass

Christmas Mass and Bulletin for Holy Family

Christmas Flowers and List of Names

2022 Special Collections

For those that don’t have Envelopes here are the Special Collections for 2022. Note that several Collections have been incorporated into one.

JANUARY 2         Capital Improvements

JANUARY 16       Church in the Developing World

-Church in Latin America

-Church in Central and Eastern Europe

-Church in Africa

FEBRUARY 6     Capital Improvements

FEBRUARY 13    Church Missions within the United States

-Black and Indian Missions (Native American)

-Catholic Home Missions Appeal

MARCH 6            Capital Improvements

MARCH 20          Diocesan Priests’ Retirement Fund

APRIL 3               Capital Improvements

APRIL 15             Pontifical Good Friday Collection for Holy Land

MAY 1                  Capital Improvements

MAY 22                Catholic Relief Services

MAY 29                Catholic Cemeteries

JUNE 5                Capital Improvements

JUNE 12              Peter’s Pence Collection

JULY 3                 Capital Improvements

JULY 17               Catholic Communications Campaign

                            -Catholic Campaign for Human Development

AUGUST 7           Capital Improvements

AUGUST 15         Assumption

AUGUST 21         Education of Diocesan Seminarians

SEPTEMBER 4   Capital Improvements

SEPTEMBER 25 The Catholic University of America

OCTOBER 2       Capital Improvements

OCTOBER 23     World Mission Collection

NOVEMBER 1    All Saints Day

NOVEMBER 6   Capital Improvements

NOVEMBER 13  Collection for the Archdiocese for the Military Services

DECEMBER 4    Capital Improvements

DECEMBER 8    Immaculate Conception

DECEMBER 11  Retirement Fund for Religious

DECEMBER 25  Catholic Charities West Virginia

4th Sunday of Advent Bulletin and Mass

3rd Sunday of Advent Bulletin and Mass

Immaculate Conception Mass and Bulletin for 12-12-21

2nd Sunday of Advent Mass and Bulletin