Bulletin for 6th Sunday of Easter

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

05/17  Louis DeAngelo, Landon Gainer

05/18  Jeffery Yeager, Dawson Cyran, Vitor Poole

05/19  Dan Van Dyke

05/20  Elizabeth Moore, Alex Sabo, Don Stauffer

05/21  Carol Ruffing, Rickie Yeager

05/22  Elizabeth McCormick, Michael Mutz, Wendy Yeager,

Tracie & Pat Minnite (A)

05/23  Valarie Nicely, Jackson Porter, Bryce Moore,

Micah Evans, Ezekiel Gainer

05/24 Ninette & Christopher Fernandes (A)

05/25  Mark Sturm

05/26  Diane Wiltsey, Marlana Stocking, Mara & Robert Kent (A),

Lori & Jeff Williamson (A), Tamera & Joseph Straw (A)

Masses for the Week:

Sat.    8:00 pm       William “Bill” Bostaph +   

Sun.  9:00  am       Our Parishioners     

Sun. 11:30 am     Sam & Frances Coffindaffer +

Mon.    8:15 am     Paula Schuchts +

Tues.   7:00 pm     Patty Ruth Bayley +

Wed.    8:15 am     Charles Ludey +

Thur.   7:00 pm     Thomas W. Bayley, Jr +

Fri.       8:15 am     Charles Hughes +


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