1st Sunday of Advent

Mass Intentions:

Sat.    5:00 pm     Pete Higgs +

(Nancy & Buddy James)

Sun.  9:00  am     Jackie Gallo +

(Rose & Jim Szarko)

Sun. 11:30 am     Our Parishioners                              

Mon.    8:15 am   Banning Wolfe Reed

(Dorinda Byers & Eddy Biehl)

Tues.   7:00 pm   Suzanna Bayley +

 (Debbie & Tom Bayley)

Wed.    8:15 am   Kathy Byars +

(Lynda & Lou Molinari)

 Thur.   7:00 pm  Mary Gorrell +

 (Jim Gorrell, Jr.)

Fri.      8:15 am    Charles Ludey +

 (The Bayley Family)      

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

12/06     Charles Seita, William Boyle, Jackson Tranquill

12/07     Brayden Bostaph

12/08     Janet Mancuso, Alison Bradford

12/09     Rhonda Yeager, Matt Brunicardi, Katherine Vickers

12/11     Virginia Moncman, Mary Strobl

12/13     Cheryl Heater

12/14     Alyson Janes

12/15     Doug Morris, Aiden DeAngelo

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