Masses and Birthdays for next week

April 11-12, 2020 Masses

Sat.      8:00 pm     Mary Gorrell +                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sun.    9:00  am     Commemorative Mass Association Members                    

Sun.   11:30 am      Our Parishioners

Mon.    8:15 am     Mary Gorrell +

Tues.   7:00 pm     Charles Hughes  +

Wed.    8:15 am     Helen Litt +

Thur.   7:00 pm     Nicole Seita +

  Fri.       8:15 am     Lou Bogdan +


04/12  Carter Cyran, Cheryl & Jack Heater (A), Patricia & William Boyd (A)

04/13  Nikhil Karman

04/14   Lisa Zecca, Leonardo DeAngelo,

04/15  Flora DePond, Vanessa Amos, Landon Golebiewski, Lynda & Lou Molinaro (A)

04/16  William Dearien, Joyce Bostaph, Mary Winans, Vicky & Brian Treadway (A),

Judith & Raymond Young (A)

04/17  Cathy Smith, Jeff Williamson, Steve Maone, Stephen Nguyen

04/18  Jason Landers, Ashlea Woomer

04/19  Marilyn Santo, Marion Santo, Andrey Sellers, Vince Sellers

04/20  Thomas McCormick, Cindy Sutphin

04/21  Chris Rutherford




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