Palm Sunday

Mass Intentions this Week:

Apr. 04/05

Sat.    5:00 pm      Albert & Anna McKinney +   

(Karen & Bill McKinney)

Sun.   9:00 am      Kathrina Coffindaffer +

                                (John Coffindaffer)

Sun.  11:30 am      Our Parishioners

Mon.   8:15 am      First Responders

Tues.  7:00 pm     Suzanne L. Bayley +

(Debbie & Tom Bayley)

Wed.     8:15 am     Lou Bogdan +

                                (Mary & Bill Gavin)

Thur.   7:00 pm      Patty Spence Ludey +

                                (Debbie & Tom Bayley)

Fri.        8:15 am    Tom Bayley, Jr. +

(Debbie & Tom Bayley)       

Birthdays and Anniversaries:


04/05  Marty Prisc, Tyler Miller, Kayla Gainer,

04/06  Lenore Abraham, John Feathers, Monika Keiser

04/07  Grace Angelilli, Greg Janes

04/09  Jody Phillips, Jane Flanagan, Justin Standley,

04/10  Ella Haddox

04/11  Paula McHenry, Joseph Straw, Vicki Lauer

04/12  Carter Cyran, Cheryl & Jack Heater (A), Patricia & William Boyd (A)

04/13  Nikhil Karman

04/14   Lisa Zecca, Leonardo DeAngelo

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