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DWC Newsletter

The May 8th Newsletter from the Diocese:

Faith In WV Bulletin May 8th

Bishop Mark Brennan

Re-opening St. Michael Church

Bishop Brennan has released information concerning the re-opening of Churches for Mass. I have formed a Committee that is meeting tomorrow to discuss the re-opening of St. Michael. We want to deep clean the Church, remove the Hymnals, etc.  I have determined that Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, June 1st (Pentecost) will be our opening masses. More details to follow after our meeting.

Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Releases Guidelines to Resume Public Celebration of Mass

Bishop Mark Brennan

Update on Opening Churches

Diocese Making Plans to Resume Public Masses

Bishop Mark Brennan

4th Sunday of Easter

May Calendar 2020

4th Sunday of Easter Homily

Birthdays and Anniversaries

05/02  Thomas Santer, Denise Offenberger, Brandon Nguyen

05/04  David Kincaid, Gemma Humphrey, Sandra & William Bradford (A)

05/05  Robert Kent

05/06  Kathy Feathers, Luke Cardenas, Flora & Pete DePond (A)

05/07  Pat Minnite, Noah Mancuso,

05/09  Fred Bartimoccia, Alexandra Schaffer

05/10  Leslie Craven, Joan & Tom Phillips (A)

05/11  Nia Fernandes, Maddison Cottnile, Elizabeth & Bill Moore

05/12  Rita Angel, Jordan Straw


April Newsletter

Faith in WV Newsletter – April 24th

Bishop Mark Brennan

Masses and Birthdays

Masses and Birthdays


Divine Mercy Sunday

Easter Sunday Mass and Homily

Good Friday Service